Yoga Rejuvenation Retreats
Yoga Rejuvenation Retreats
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Yoga Arts
Truth Devotion Freedom
Dedicated & Experienced Teaching Team
A Quality Yoga Training

Yoga Arts is an Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School.
We offer 200 & 300 hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Holiday Retreats in Ubud, Bali.
The unique quality of Yoga Arts’ teacher trainings comes from the quality of teachers and from the years of teaching experience Yoga Arts has gained by specializing in Yoga teacher trainings. The Yoga Arts’ teaching team has between 15 to 38 years of teaching experience and dedicated Sadhana behind them. We believe to Teach others to Teach you must have at least a minimum of 10 years of  Teaching  experience. 

Why Choose Yoga Arts

  • We offer a comprehensive curriculum based on authentic ancient yogic truths.
  • All our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance.
  • We have a very experienced senior teaching team with up to 38 years of yoga & Teaching experience.
  • All our teachers are passionate about Yoga.
  • Our Teachers, teach directly from their first-hand experience of living, practicing & teaching yoga, not just learned theoretical knowledge.
  • A detailed daily schedule, dogma-free, transformative, and designed specifically to support the personal growth of each yogi & yogini. 
  • An integral approach to asana, learning all beneficial approaches ie; Vinyasa, Hatha Yin Restorative incorporating Iyengar alignment principles with the use of props and full methodology of adjusting skills, modifications, and sequencing, essential for understanding body awareness and safe injury-free practice.
  • Our program of Teaching tools supports & maintains health & vitality in Body & Mind, by learning the skills to evaluate yourself and others individually to design specific practices for specific constitutions & conditions.
  • Ayurveda Yogic Lifestyle – learn the foundation of Ayurveda to enhance your teaching practice & life.
  • Anatomy of Hatha Yoga – easy-to-understand principles taught practically directly in relation to yoga postures.
  • Learn the ancient wisdom of Mantra
  • Spirituality ~ Our yoga philosophy teachings is taught in a way that helps us grasp this ancient wisdom through simple and clear concepts that will transform our daily life.
  • Pranayama ~ Detailed pranayama instruction & Theory to Revitalise our nervous system with the wisdom of pranayama with a daily regular practice & education of the many benefits and teaching skills for sharing these techniques.
  • Meditation ~ A daily sitting practice, developing a grounded foundation in this most important Sadhana
  • Mouna ~ Noble Silence! is practiced throughout the training at specific times to integrate and create the best environment for learning and self-reflection.
  • Small Groups  ~ Our training are smaller groups that give you the personal attention that is required for a deeper understanding.
  • YOGA ARTS ~ guarantees quality yoga teacher training that exceeds the required hours set down by Yoga Alliance.
Icon Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Shala Bali, Ubud

Sat 5th August  – Mon 28th August  September  2023

( 23 nights )

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Shala Bali, Ubud

Mon 18th Sept – Weds 18th Oct 2023

( 30 nights )

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Yoga 4 Everyone

Yoga & Ayurvedic Health Retreats 

The Shala Bali, Ubud


Yoga 4 You 

A Therapeutic Yoga Experience/Yoga Therapy

Specific Practice for your specific needs    6 night/7day or 12 night/13 day packages 

Come anytime dependent on Availability, more details on retreat page.

Icon Retreat

Yoga Retreats

Ayurvedic Yoga Wellness Retreats 

The Shala Bali, Ubud

Prioritise your health, rejuvenate your body mind

6night/7day & 12 night/13 day packages available

Come anytime dependent on availability, go to retreat page for more details 

Meet Our Teachers

Louisa Sear


Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Self Inquiry, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Course Coordinator, Founder & Director of Yoga Arts

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Jose C Leal (Nikhil)

RYT 500

Asana, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Mythology, Meditation & Pranayama

Read more …

Anouk Aoun Wendel

RYT 500

Asana &  Teaching Methodology 

Read more …

Emil Wendel

RYT 500

History of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy 

Read more …

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 200 Hours Teacher Training Logo

Prerequisite: 200 Hr Yoga Training

To be accepted onto the Yoga Arts 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, students will need to have completed a minimum of 2 years consistent, dedicated yoga practice under the guidance of qualified yoga teacher(s). 

About the 200 Hour Training:

This course offers you a comprehensive, practical training in how to teach Yoga. We welcome yoga practitioners who are ready to refine their yoga skills and learn how to teach Yoga, and also those who would simply like to deepen their Yoga knowledge and practice. On completion of our 200 Hour Training, graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT200, get yoga teaching insurance and teach anywhere around the world.

For participants with less experience, this course will offer a deepening of knowledge and inner inquiry as a stepping stone toward teaching. Teaching Yoga takes many years of passionate dedication, persistence and consistency of practice. This 200 Hour course offers you a comprehensive, philosophical, theoretical and practical training in how to practice and teach Yoga.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 300 Hours Teacher Training Logo

Prerequisite 300hr Hr Yoga Training

To participate in our 300hr training you need to have completed a 200hr  training or you may participate if you simply want to gain more Yogic Knowledge.

About the 300hr Training 

Yoga Arts has been dedicated to training teachers for over 25 years. We guarantee a quality training with a highly skilled and experienced teaching team. Our Teacher Training Team has  from 25 to 38 years in Teaching experience and Yoga Sadhana practice behind them, offering participants with a authentic high quality tuition based on depth of experience. Our 300hr training is comprehensive taking students more deeply into specific Yogic themes.  We take ONLY 14 students maximum on our 300hr training to ensure optimum learning for this more specialised training. 

“At Yoga Arts we feel to have the opportunity to Teach Yoga is a blessing.  Yoga is more then just a profession, it is ancient wisdom bringing light evolution & freedom into ones own life and others. Through our sharing of this ancient knowledge  we wish to Inspire & Transform our students so they can go out into the world to teach and also Inspire & transform others