1. अथ मोगानशु ासनभ ॥् १॥

atha yoganushasanam
Now the discipline of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours Bali

Yoga Arts has been dedicated to training Yoga Teachers for over 25 years. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is internationally Accredited with Yoga Alliance RYT200. We guarantee a quality 200 Hour Teacher Training with a highly-skilled, senior teaching team.

We are only taking 12 students for our 200hr Training this year:


Venue: The Shala Bali: ( all accommodation this year is offsite due to the The Shala Bali accommodation  being  fully booked. and we are using  The Shala Bali’s smaller practice space and having our accommodation offsite close by only 4 minutes walk away. 

.Upcoming Date: Saturday 5th August   – Monday 28th August  2023 (23 nights) 

Course Fee: $3200 USD

  Accommodation:  (includes Nutritious Vegetarian breakfast)

Total: Yoga Training fee + Single accommodation: US$3,900 

Our aim on the Yoga Arts’ 200 Hour Training is to offer our participants first hand experience of living yoga every day in a supportive environment learning new skills to refine and deepen ones yoga knowledge in preparation in becoming a qualified Yoga Teacher.

Graduating with 200 hours allows students to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT200hr

Prerequisite 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To be accepted onto the Yoga Arts 200 hour training, we like our participants to have sincere longing for the Teachings of Yoga and have been practising for at least 1 year.


General overview of course content

MeditationGuided, silent meditation techniques
PranayamaGuided breathing techniques

Vinyasa Flow style asana, movement with breath transitioning from pose to pose, also alignment focused asana, restorative/Yin Yoga, 

TechniquesAnalytical training in how to teach and practice yoga asanas with safe anatomical alignment 
Teaching MethodologyProp usage, modifications of postures, sequencing, adjusting skills, asana & body assessment, personal programs, teaching beginners, injury prevention, female/male reproductive Health
Practical ApplicationPractical teaching in small groups & class, assisting in class with critique  and feed back given.
Yoga Ethics & Professional DevelopmentEthics related to Yoga teachers
Self Inquiry/Vichara SadhanaYoga Psychology/philosophy, self Introspection, understanding workings of yoga & mind. 

Yoga Philosophy & Yogic Cosmology

History of Yoga, Different Yogic paths. Mantra, Chanting, Chakras, Nadis, Yamas & Niyamas, Patanjalis Yoga Sutra’s. 

Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha YogaThe skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous & endocrine systems including movement of joints & it’s application to yoga postures.
Personalised Yoga Learning to practice and teach on a individual level specific to your own needs or the needs of your student 

Communication Introduction To Ayurveda                            

How to be clear, confident and concise with your teaching instruction

Understand the principles of Ayurveda and learn how to teach according to Ayurvedic constitutional types

* Very experienced senior teaching team with up to 38 years of yoga experience

* Teachers, teach directly from their first hand experience of living, practicing & teaching yoga, not just learned theoretical knowledge

* Our teachers have a respected International reputation

* A comprehensive curriculum based on authentic ancient yogic truths

* A very comprehensive daily schedule, dogma free, transformative & designed specifically to support the personal growth of each yogi & yogini

* An integral approach to asana, learning all beneficial approaches ie; Vinyasa, Hatha with Iyengar alignment principles & incorporating the use of props & full methodology of adjusting skills, modifications & sequencing, essential for understanding body awareness and safe injury free practice

* Emphasis on learning the ability to evaluate specific practices for the individual

* Deepening your own self practice

* SPIRITUALITY – Our yoga philosophy teachings are taught in a way that helps the student grasp this ancient wisdom through simple & clear concepts that will transform their daily life

* Our trainings are smaller groups that give you personal attention that is required for a deeper understanding

* PRANAYAMA – Revitalizing our nervous system with the wisdom of pranayama with a daily regular practice

* MEDITATION – A daily sitting practice, developing a grounded foundation in this most important Sadhana

* MAUNA – Noble Silence! is practiced through out the training at specific times to integrate & create the best environment for learning & self-reflection

YOGA ARTS guarantees a quality yoga teacher training which exceeds the required hours set down by Yoga Alliance.

Our 200 hr TT: Has approx. 57 extra contact hrs +  approx. 47 extra hrs with our Lead teacher (E-RYT500) Louisa Sear. Our senior Yoga Teachers have over 35 years of Yoga experience.

Course Includes:

  • Yoga tuition
  • Comprehensive yoga teacher training manual
  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Internationally Accredited Certification