I found all the staff very pleasant, courteous and helpful to the point some are now good friends. If ever I needed assistance it was sorted immediately with little fuss – such a pleasure. I will highly recommend Yoga Arts to any potential Yogi interested in deepening their experience or taking yoga to the next level and hope to one day be able to sponsor people to participate in the Yoga Arts’ training as my beautiful teacher, Sue Byrne (Yoga Arts’ graduate), has done for me. I now know why she emphasized we train with Yoga Arts!


Christopher Hunt
Bali – 200 Hrs

Completing 300-hour Teacher Training in 2013, with Yoga Arts was everything I had truly hoped for, and more.

I was specifically seeing a deep immersion into philosophy, meditation and pranayama. I left with exactly that and the training further solidified my yearning for this spiritual path! The teaching faculty offered the most perfect balance of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and energy. For me, doing this course was way more than gaining a certificate.

I wanted to complete a training program that enabled me to truly evolve in my personal practice, and of course in my teaching. Yoga Arts provided this opportunity for profound growth and development, both on and off the yoga mat.

Amy Landry
I took the Yoga Arts Teacher Training a couple of years ago, in Bali, in a paradisiacal place called Ubud. It was a perfect place to be while doing the training! Lots of flowers and rice fields all around, smiling faces from the locals, and good and cheap restaurants nearby our yoga shala.
About the teachers – all I can say is that they KNOW what they are doing. Highly experienced, caring, and the most important for me, they seem to have integrity – they are what they teach. I am still digesting what I have learned on the training … lots of useful information that has helped hugely to improve my classes. I have no doubt that the Yoga Arts’ teacher training is one of the most complete training there is.

In the training Louisa and company teach the students to be inquisitive with one’s own practice and to find their own rhythm and pace … they don’t give you the fish, but they teach you to fish. I have recommended the Yoga Arts teacher training to many of my students and my friends!

Sebastian Arbondo
Bali 200 Hrs

Our first introduction to yoga a few years ago was Louisa’s beginners yoga video.  We were hooked immediately!  To deepen our yoga practice we attended a couple of yoga retreats with teachers who had taken the Yoga Arts teacher training.  Each retreat had something different to offer and suited us at that time.

Finally last year we attended Louisa’s Byron Bay retreat.  It was everything we hoped it would be thanks to Louisa, Lucy and Rose’s wealth of knowledge and passion for yoga.  So naturally, our next retreat has been the recent Bingin Beach Bali retreat!  A perfect location for a week-long immersion into yoga. 

Louisa and Lucy are both so inspirational and their classes were wonderful, with great sequences, ideal intensity and thoughtful adjustments.  We feel privileged to have them as teachers.

We are looking forward to our next Bali yoga retreat with Yoga Arts!

Chris and Julie Stansfield
Byron Yoga Retreat

Having had a hiatus from yoga for about 14 months, after a bad retreat experience, I was really frightened to return to yoga – especially a retreat. Louisa was highly recommended by a teacher who I really connected with and admired so I took the plunge. I have attended many different types of retreats in many parts of the world and I can say hands down the Yoga Arts’ Byron Bay Hinterland Yoga Retreat was most probably the best I have ever attended.

Louisa and her partner Nikhil are the best hosts one could ever ask for. The attention to detail is extraordinary. Everything from my accommodation, in the Rajasthani style tent, to the meticulous food we ate was done with care, love and passion. As mentioned I was frightened about starting yoga again, but from the very first session I felt I had come home and I realized this is the yoga and life I was so deeply connected to. Louisa and Nikhil brought me home to the yoga inside and I am truly grateful.

The property is a true haven and should be, and most probably is, a National Treasure which must be experienced. A most amazing experience which has left me inspired and deeply appreciative.

Thank you to Louisa and Nikhil for bringing me back to my inner yoga home and for being the best hosts in paradise. In gratitude.

Byron Hinterland Yoga RetreatOctober 2015

I did my 300 Hr Teacher Training with Yoga Arts after seeing how the 200 Hr Training transformed me as a Yogini, teacher and person.

The course promises diving deeper into the practice and it delivers beyond that. The teachers on this course have the ability to inspire growth in a way that continues touching both my practice and teaching way after the course is complete.

The course is palatable and easy to follow wherever you’re at on your journey and you will find understanding, compassion and love. A bonus is, you make life long friends along the journey that you connect to on a soul level. I wouldn’t recommend another school.

Weam Zabar
300 Hr YTT

It gives me considerable pleasure to furnish this testimonial relating to my experiences with, and knowledge gained, over some 10 years involvement with Yoga Arts. In that time, I have had ample opportunity to assess and to support what I believe to be the most valuable and significant Yoga teaching organization in Australia.

I am 57 years of age and live in an isolated community. My experiences involve frequent visits to Norfolk Island by their highly competent and caring instructors and staff and intensive retreat and teaching courses, held by them, in and outside Australia which I have attended. I have undergone 2 month and a 1 month teacher training courses, and high powered retreats, in Bali and Australia. It is my intention to attend such further retreats as I can.

At all times I have been deeply impressed by the dedication, commitment and high skill levels available to me. I strongly urge all those who seek to establish a firm base, and thereafter constant and special growth opportunities, in Yoga, to become involved with the expert guidance and tuition of Yoga Arts.

Lynn Quintal
Yoga Retreats and 200 hour Yoga Training

Back in 2002, I found a little ad in the back pages of Yoga Journal. I was immediately intrigued and booked my trip to Bali to participate in the Level 1 Teacher Training with Yoga Arts.


Little did I know that this trip would turn into a phenomenal and continuous adventure, change my entire life and become a life long journey I could never turn away from.

Returning for a second round, an advanced teacher training with Yoga Arts in 2009, I knew one thing for certain. Namely that the teaching team would be experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled not only as instructors, bu as yogis living true to this path. Indeed my expectations were far exceeded and my own knowledge and practice was thoroughly boosted through their inspiration and dedication to yoga.

The strong emphasis on Tantric philosophy and ritual spoke directly to my heart and soul. I was also impressed with the material we were presented with and how I could immediately apply the practical aspects of yoga therapy and anatomy to my own yoga students.

I had fun with the advanced asana classes, but all the more enjoyed the intensive exploration of meditation and pranayama.

I trust fully in Louisa’s vision, the program she creates and her ability to gather extraordinary teachers and yogi/nis such as Rose Baudin, Emil Wendel, Chris Kummer, Lucy Roberts, Flo Fenton and many others. I feel honored to be a part of this lineage.

Simone Mackay
200 hour Yoga Training2002 + Advanced Training 2009

The Yoga Arts’ Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training, in Sri Lanka 2012, was life-changing and has totally redefined yoga for me as a student and as an instructor. I absolutely loved it.

The course content, instructors (top-notch), and presentation. I am so very grateful I was able to attend.

Connie Muradyan
Sri Lanka200 Hrs
The Level 2, 300 hr Yoga Arts training 2013, was a deeply nourishing and joyful experience. The quality and breadth of teaching totally exceeded my expectations and the 5 weeks of immersed practice was a gift.

I have come away with a much broader, experiential understanding of the philosophical, spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. Having delved deeply into self inquiry and my personal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation I now feel I can authentically offer up the teachings from a more grounded, experiential place.

The community, the teachers and the teachings all added to the 5 weeks being some of the best and most inspiring weeks I have had.

Lucy Bruegger
Bali 300 Hrs

I just wanted to write and thank you for another amazing Yoga Arts’ Bingin Beach Yoga Holiday Retreat. I would not have thought it possible but I enjoyed my second retreat even more than the first!


I have never felt so wholly supported, encouraged and nurtured in my yoga practice. I was utterly astonished at the change in my yoga practice after only eight days.

The retreat manages to create a perfect mix of yoga & relaxation. The amazing scenery, delicious food, massages & beautiful Bali magic all combined with brilliant yoga classes made it an incredibly special time. I have come home relaxed and with a totally refreshed & committed approach to my ongoing practice and I can’t wait to join you again next year!!

Sam Harrington
Bali Yoga Retreat

Self-discovery in a tropical paradise

“My two retreats with Louisa and Lucy, in Bali, have been steps on a prolonged journey of self-discovery. Yoga Arts bring together the elements and, in my experience, you take from these elements what you are ready to receive. For me, the key elements have been:


Louise and Lucy are truly dynamic duo. They are gurus who have helped me to overcome my fears and “unlock”. As a direct result of the duo’s intervention, lessons taken to heart have helped me continue to develop my personal practice year on year.


Bingin, Bali is a paradise steeped in traditions. Eight days of peace gives you the personal space to sit quietly and absorb, with reverence, it’s majesty. Surf, birds, stunning sunsets, and the quiet peace and spirit of the island itself.


The depth of practice, Bali, and the holistic nature of the eight-day program taps something inside of my spirit. I return home with a new sense of perspective, inner peace, and the contentment to face life’s daily challenges with a smile creasing the edge of my soul.

I will return as many times as possible.

Bingin BeachBali Yoga Retreat