Yoga Teacher Training Byron Bay - 200 Hourse

Louisa Sear

Louisa Sear is the Founder, Director and Course Coordinator of Yoga Arts. Yoga Arts is well renowned, nationally and internationally, for delivering high quality Yoga Teacher Trainings. The Yoga Arts’ trainings are practical, theoretical and designed to be intense and challenging on a physical and emotional level.

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Objective: One of the main objectives, on the trainings, is to touch and experience Yoga first hand so that the deeper understanding of the essence of Yoga is felt and integrated. This takes place through the individual transformation that is encouraged and nurtured throughout the course.

With this understanding, we believe that graduates can then go out into the world and teach from their heart and from their own real understanding of Yoga, not just theoretical knowledge.

The Yoga Arts’ team has decades of experience specializing in teacher trainings. Yoga Arts also maintains its reputation of a high teaching standard by continually optimizing the course content of the trainings to keep up with the demand for training better and better teachers. Emphasis on the training is on truth and authenticity.

Yoga Art’s teachers are dedicated to continually updating their Yoga Teaching qualifications, study and skills to ensure their teaching standards are of the highest quality available world wide.