Tongue Scrape


Shiva Sutra Tongue Cleaners – 100% copper Tongue scraping is part of the daily Ayurvedic Health regime known as dinacharya, In Ayurveda it is considered just as important as brushing your teeth. Our Tongue scrapers are made from 100% copper, this metal is naturally antimicrobial adding to the hygienic and effectiveness of our product. Upon waking first thing before drinking anything, scrape your tongue, this can be done in a few strokes to clearly remove any coating that has accumulated from the nights sleep. During our sleep where the body is using the rest time to bring healing to where is needed, the body releases toxins/ama from the system and these toxins accumulate on the tongue, it is important that we remove these toxins so they do not get re-absorbed back into the body. Benefits: Helps to stimulate the internal organs – Reduces a feeling of heaviness,

Promotes oral hygiene, Improves digestion by stimulating your sense of taste, cleanses the whole body. The tongue is a map to the different organs of the body, awareness of the specific coating and other physical appearances of the tongue brings light to what is going on with your general health..



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